Wine is Food

"I know what I like, but, I just don't know how to describe it." 

It's a common refrain.  We love wine, but, could use some insight with verbage.  

Wine is like that; or beer, Thai food and art, for that matter.  Each field has their own language and here, we learn 'wine-speak' to fully appreciate the experience.  More information leads to greater knowledge, which heightens our pleasure and appreciation.  

 It gets down to identifying sensations with words.  When someone says, "Tannins are like tasting pencil shavings," you can immediately connect the flavor and texture of both.  "This is grassy," or "flinty," or "ripe and leathery."  They are all legitimate word-tools in our repertoire of the wine lexicon.  Using the 'Aroma Wheel,' we'll break down a wine into it's component parts.

And have fun doing it!

Flights or Side-by-Side, it's always fun and educational

Flights or Side-by-Side, it's always fun and educational

"Bona Fides"

Chef Brian Quinn has been involved in the wine industry for over 30 years as a cook, chef, restaurateur and cellar rat.  Two 'Awards of Excellence' from Wine Spectator magazine confirm his commitment to food, wine and the dining experience.  

Wine with a dinner?

Absolutely!  Let's combine a wine tasting, in-home dinner, gracious host and aspiring 'cork dorks.'  We can create a custom menu, add a few cooking tips for the group and 3 courses of delicious cuisine await.  Let us put together a memorable evening for you, soon.