Kitchen space?

Happy place.

Out of chaos, order.

Out of chaos, order.

Brian Quinn, Chef

Cooking, preparing food, is a joy for me.  It's fun, easy and relaxing. 

For most people, however, cooking can be a chore; the shopping, organizing, preparation and service can be over-whelming.  This is where I come in.  

Let me help you reduce the stress level in your home kitchen with my in-home cooking lessons.  Each session is tailored to your wants and needs.    Sometimes all we need are fresh eyes and a few pointers.  For others, we start at the beginning with knife skills, a cutting board and simple kitchen chemistry involved in saute', steaming, grilling and roasting.  It's not a competition and we all succeed at different levels and that's OK.  

Cooking in my home kitchen is a guilty pleasure; glass of wine, a Pandora music station, a knife and cutting board.  Nothing is more fulfilling than making meals for my family and friends at home.  Let's make your kitchen space your happy place.    

It never gets old. 

There is always joy, discovery and adventure.  With kids in the mix, it's dinner and a show! A group of friends?  Relaxation and great stories!  Truth be told: I prefer loud and crowded kitchens filled with laughter, hugs and kisses.   

I want to help you become more proficient in your kitchen with my in-home cooking lessons, featuring the skills and techniques of a professional chef gleaned from over 30 years in commercial kitchens.   

It's all about The Love, the giving of ourselves, one delicious plate at a time!

You eat with your eyes first.

-Jean Michel Jeudy


Wine Spectator

"Award of Excellence", 2000 & 2001, The Ivy House Restaurant for outstanding menu and wine list

The Oregonian

"Best Recipes", Orecchiette di Occi,  FOODday Cookbook, 2012 

California Culinary Academy

Graduate Fellowship Award, 1987

You can do this.