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Empowering Oregon School Districts with Chef BQ Culinary: Transforming School Meals into Nutritious and Delicious Experiences!

Chef BQ has been a vibrant presence in the food service industry since the early 1980s, beginning his journey as a waiter during his college years. His culinary passion was kindled during extensive travels across Europe, where he found inspiration in the diverse local cuisines.

Driven by an increasing interest in cooking, Chef BQ left New Mexico to enroll in the prestigious California Culinary Academy. He graduated with distinction, being the first recipient of the Graduate Fellowship Award. He then opened the Ivy House Restaurant in Portland, where he earned two Awards of Excellence from Wine Spectator magazine for his outstanding menu and wine list.

In recent years, Chef BQ's career has taken a fulfilling turn towards K-12 food service. Bringing a 'Chef's Eye' to school menus has proven immensely rewarding for him.


He delights in moments like seeing a student's eyes light up when tasting posole for the first time or enjoying every last bite of a chicken and black bean bowl with a fresh lime squeeze.

Chef BQ is passionate about the belief that good food is attainable in every school across America. He advocates that the best way to learn about other cultures is through their traditional foods, shared at meal times. He emphasizes that with the right resources, funding, and staffing, schools can achieve culinary excellence.

His vision is clear: with a little inspiration, a smidgeon of training, and a commitment to doing the absolute best for our children, we can build stronger communities one meal at a time.

Chef BQ Culinary—Building Community One Meal at a Time.

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